• Rooftop Garden "Gokugetsu"

A rooftop garden with a view of the Higashiyama mountains

Japanese gardens in Kyoto are a collection of the subtle aspects of Japanese culture and beauty.
Forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life, focus your mind in a calm space, and enjoy a luxurious break as you gently admire the trees and flowers of each season.
We also offer free rental of an astronomical telescope (reservations are required)

Moonlight Sky Sauna overlooking
the 2000-year-old ancient capital

The Moonlight Sky Sauna combines a rooftop garden and outdoor sauna where you can relax your mind
and body for the ultimate refreshing experience.
Let the clear night sky, illuminated by the pale moonlight over the Higashiyama area,
and the beautiful scenery of the changing seasons unfold before your eyes.
Enjoy a cold bath and fresh air relaxation while looking up at the night sky from the private sauna facility.
Alternating hot and cold conditions is known to balance your autonomic nervous system
and relieve daily fatigue and stiffness while traveling.

Moonlight Sky Sauna overlooking the 2000-year-old ancient capital

Contact the front desk in advance to request use of the sauna facility beyond the allowed 90-minute period (note that any extension is subject to availability).

Plan Description Experience a Finnish-style Löyly sauna at our ""Gokugetsu"" rooftop garden reserved for your exclusive use.
Plan Amenities Bathrobe, face towel, bath towel, silica-rich mineral water, sauna hat (upon request).
Guests are requested to bring a bathing suit that must be worn when using the Moonlight Sky Sauna. Bathing suits are also available for a rental fee.
Hours of Use 90 minutes from 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00
※ Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis after guest arrival.
※ Please note the facility will be closed from 11:30 until 16:00 daily for cleaning.
Fees 5,000 yen per person (tax not included)
※ 10,000 yen for one person (tax not included)
※ Available for up to 5 people.
Facilities Movable dome sauna ,Water bath,Shower,2 Infinity chairs,2 luxury chairs.

Dome Sauna Guidelines
(1) The dome sauna is an outdoor facility and may be unavailable due to poor weather conditions or equipment maintenance. We appreciate your understanding.
(2) A bathing suit must always be worn when using the rooftop sauna.
(3) Please refrain from using the sauna if you are not feeling well, have a medical condition, are pregnant, or are under the influence of alcohol.

Three Aspects of the Moonlight Sauna

  • POINT 1Moonlight bathing in the rooftop garden overlooking Higashiyama, Kyoto

    The rooftop garden harmonizes the elegance of the Japanese Garden of Kyoto with a relaxing dome sauna.
    In this private space with its welcoming atmosphere, you can enjoy the four seasons of the ancient capital as you sense the eternity of time while surrounded by pine, bamboo, and plum, symbolizing good fortune.
    Under the moonlit night, the reflection of the bamboo fence and trees on the surface of the water is truly magical. The garden is surrounded on all sides by bamboo fences, reminiscent of the famous bamboo groves in the Arashiyama area, and decorated with majestic pine and elegant plum trees. Eventually the glittering morning sun rises as dawn finally breaks to make Higashiyama shine even brighter. We hope you will enjoy the changing scenery of the four seasons in Higashiyama to your heart's content.

  • POINT 2Dome sauna and outdoor relaxation space for your exclusive use

    You can enjoy a moonlight bath, sauna dome, cold bath with a temperature range of 10°C to 18°C, and fresh air relaxation. In the sauna dome, stones are placed on the stove and heated to a high temperature. When water is poured over the hot stones, steam is generated, and the temperature inside the dome rises to 70 degrees or higher. Warm your body in the sauna dome while covered in moonlight, and look forward to a relaxed feeling as the warmth relieves muscle tension and stiffness around your body.
    After your body has warmed up sufficiently, entering a cold bath or simply relaxing in the fresh air will balance your autonomic nervous system and leave you mentally and physically refreshed. By repeating a cycle of sauna, cold baths, and fresh air relaxation, you will experience an immensely calming effect, creating a sense of balance and contentment in your life. Under the night sky, illuminated by soft moonlight, the experience of a cold bath and fresh air relaxation will be so refreshing that it will entice you to visit again and again.

  • POINT 3Purify your mind and body
    with sauna steam using divine water and aroma oils

    We provide divine water, considered to have sacred attributes, for guests to generate sauna steam (described as ""Löyly"" in the sauna traditions of Finland).
    This mystical water flows from springs found at revered places, such as shrines, and is believed to contain ""divine energy"" of the gods. It is also said that bathing in the steam of this water will improve your luck.
    Three aroma oils are available to fill the sauna dome with a pleasant fragrance.
    You can choose your favorite fragrance from green tea, cypress and camphor evergreen trees, and floral herbs.
    Sprinkling divine water, along with aroma oil, on the hot stones will fill the sauna dome with freshly scented steam to create your own revitalizing space.
    Enjoy the ultimate sauna experience in our Moonlight Sky Sauna, which will give your mind and body a radiant glow.

Open Hours: 7:00am-10:00pm
How to Use The Moonlight Sky Sauna is only available for hotel guests and reservation should be made in advance.