• Hotel Concept

A Sojourn Surrounded By Bamboo
And Filled With Moonlight

The bright moon rising over Kyoto's eastern hills doesn’t glimmer with
its own light,

but with the light it receives from the sun.
We glisten in the same way as
we welcome our guests.
Bamboo, on display throughout the hotel,
represents strong bonds between people.
We wish to shine on you like moonlight and create lasting bonds like bamboo as
we introduce you to experiences which will glisten
in your memories for years to come.

Bamboo spaces brimming with
sentiment and warmth

With firm roots in the earth and growth stretching straight for the heavens, bamboo is filled with strength and vitality, yet its soft rustling and sway create a gentle atmosphere. That is why bamboo is the primary element used in our hotel interior, from the sleek landscaping down to the exceptionally designed handicrafts.



Sharing a bond with all who admire the moon

Rather than shine with its own light,
the moon quietly glistens with the light of the sun.
Perhaps the reason people feel so comforted by moonlight is because
we also shine thanks to the people we love.
Likewise, the service we are happy to provide at our hotel is
a reflection of our esteem for our guests.

A moment in the rooftop garden

A moment in the rooftop garden

The rooftop garden "Gokugetsu" is a private space for hotel guests, where you can spend a special moment with your loved ones while watching the moon rise from behind the Higashiyama mountain range.


Providing the most in-season experiences

The most moving travel experiences are the ones you timed just right. Our staff is pleased to help you design your own unique experience at any time of year with the most in-season advice, providing you with travel stories that will stay crisp in your memory for years to come.

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Upon your arrival, relax on the sofa in the bamboo-framed lobby and enjoy a seasonal welcome drink. After check-in, the staff will show you to your room.
To help you make the most of your stay in Kyoto, the staff is happy to advise you on local tourism and history, or any other concerns you may have.

Delight in precious, fine quality tea

Delight in precious,
fine quality tea

THE JUNEI HOTEL Kyoto uses original pottery in each of the guest rooms, designed and produced by the third generation master potter of the Koshungama Kiln, Mr. Takashima, who has been declared a "Master Craftsman of the Future" by the Kyoto City Traditional Industries. The original pieces used in the hotel are white porcelain with a delicate lace-like texture applied in an "icchin" technique, in a traditional Shippo ("Seven Treasures") pattern. This is a very auspicious pattern, chosen in the hope that it will bring happiness to our guests.
Each guest room also has three specially selected teas prepared in the Uejima Sorokuen Tea Fields in the Wazuka District of Uji, and a wagashi (traditional Japanese sweet) produced by a local long-established confectioner. We invite you to unwind with an exquisite tea time.

High Quality Amenities

High Quality Amenities

Each room has skin and hair products made with moisturizing pearl essense, while the original pajamas are made with silk, and the original linens use the finest threads.
To help guests slip away into a blissful spa time, all the towels are made of absorbant and soft to the touch Imabari cotton.

Rooftop Garden 'Gokugetsu'

Rooftop Garden "Gokugetsu"

The rooftop garden is a dedicated space for moon appreciation.
In this little bamboo-enclosed space, you can watch as the moon rises over the eastern hills, bask in its light, and enjoy each spectacular moment.

Throughout the year, there are events to mark special phases of the moon, including the "88th Night" in May which marks the end of frost and the beginning of the tea harvest, the Harvest Moon in September, the "Chestnut Moon" in October, and the "Tenth Night" in November which marks yet another phase of the harvest season.

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