Eight rooms with Kyoto's distinctive ethereal atmosphere

Our interior design embraces the true essence of Kyoto,
a city that both honors its traditions
and readily adopts new aesthetic sensitivities.
A calm gorgeousness, subtle fragrances,
gentle sensations, serene music, and elegant Kyoto flavors.
We've made the finest selections to ensure
the most peaceful state of mind during your stay.    

  • Shigaraki Bathtub and Hydrogenated Water

    Shigaraki Bathtub and Hydrogenated Water

    The bathtubs in each of the hotel rooms are made of high quality ceramics called Shigaraki-yaki.
    In addition to its heat-retaining properties, the natural colors of the clay and harmonious modern design make bathtime a delight for both body and mind.

  • Exquisite Interiors

    Exquisite Interiors

    The rooms are prepared with Kyo-Karakami Japanese paper décor, Kawashima Selkon curtains, and the highest quality Imabari towels.
    The brocade throws add both modern and traditional finishing touches.

  • The Perfect Tea Break

    The Perfect Tea Break

    Wazuka Tea straight from the source in Uji and Kyoto's traditional Kiyomizu-yaki pottery invite you to take a breather during your travels.
    Enjoy your tea with a sweet from Kameyakiyonaga, a long-established local confectionery shop.

Produced using the highest quality clay, these ceramic bathtubs were made specifically for our hotel.
The combination of earth and fire bring out a "wabisabi" visual appeal and are smooth to the touch.
Far infrared rays warm your body to the core.
The hot water is treated with a HYXIA device, which creates a high concentration of hydrogen,
thereby giving the water beautifying effects for your skin.
Let your mind drift off as you take your time in this bath.

Hydrogenated bathwater in a Shigaraki tub

Amenities ・Liquid body soap & face soap ・Shaving soap ・Shampoo ・Conditioner ・Toothbrush & Toothpaste
・Cosmetic set (cleansing, face wash, lotion, emulsion) ・Hair tie ・Razor ・Hairbrush ・Pajamas
・Face Towel, Hand Towel, Bath Towel ・Slippers ・Amenities for Children ・Drip Coffee
Room Furnishings ・Free WiFi ・Audio Player for smartphone ・All room Sharp 40-inch LCD TV ・Telephone ・Kettle
・Refrigerator ・Hairdryer ・Humidifier ・Toilet with washlet ・Safe
Complementary Rental Items Reservation required before arrival ・Adapter ・Extension cord ・Iron ・Steam iron  ・Trouser press 
・Mobile phone charger ・Smartphone to speaker connector cable 
・First aid supplies (plaster, antiseptic, bandages, gauze) 
・Fever relief sheets (adult and child size) ・Champagne glasses ・Bottle opener 
・Cutlery (spoons and forks) ・Ice pail ・Cake plate ・Cake serving set (knife, server) 
・Camera tripod ・Curling iron ・Flattening iron ・Bed gaurd ・Crib ・Yoga Mat