Enjoy the flavors of Japan

Rediscover Kyoto's old culture
of Shidashi style delivered breakfasts from the comfort of the hotel.
Traditional Kyoto style breakfast made
by a long established restaurant will be served in your room.

About the breakfast

We present Kyoto style Japanese cuisine for breakfast, and it is possible to order from just about any Shidashi vender in town you like. Please make sure to place your order with us by 5:00 PM the day beforehand.

Time Breakfast can be served in your room between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

We are pleased to arrange in room dining upon request.

※Please inform us upon ordering your breakfast if you have any food allergies or dietary preferences.
※The breakfast items served will vary based on seasonal ingredients and stock.


Kyoto Japanese style breakfast

Why not start your day with a Kyoto style breakfast,
masterfully crafted by a 100-year-old company with the finest,
freshest ingredients?

Vegan Kyo Kaiseki Gozen

THE JUNEI HOTEL proudly presents a vegan,
gluten-free breakfast with organic vegetables,
completely free of eggs, diary products, wheat, gelatin, meat, and fish.
The other ingredients and flavoring are also primarily organic.
In the spirit of living up to the origins of the word "vegan" for vitality
and all-around health,
this healthy and varied cuisine will help support your active lifestyle.

The perfect combition of comfort and fine taste

We're arranged a number of masterpieces to create the best space in which to appreciate the refined flavors of Japan.

  • Sweets and Coffee

    Sweets and Coffee

    We proudly present Fu-no-yaki, a treat said to have been favored by warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi and produced by long-established Kyoto confectioner Kameyakiyonaga. It pairs well with two original coffee blends created by a local Kyoto brewer, Ogawa Coffee.

  • Premium Teas from Wazuka-cho

    Premium Teas from Wazuka-cho

    Uji, the hometown of tea in southern Kyoto Prefecture, is especially famous for tea from the Wazuka-cho district. Each room has a variety of sommelier-selected tea straight from Wazuka-cho's round tea fields.

  • Carbonated Junmai "JAPON"

    Carbonated Junmai "JAPON"

    A few of our room options, such as the Couple's Plan, include a 300ml bottle of JAPON, a slightly carbonated, champagne-like sparkling Junmai sake from Tanzan Shuzo, a brewery located in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto.