An extraordinary experience, from the moment you arrive.

Stay at THE JUNEI HOTEL is filled with pleasant surprises and things to excite every guest.
Our top priority is to provide our guest with a truly exceptional experience guest will never forget in hope that guest will come see us again in future visits.

Our aim; enliven for all the five senses

Sight, taste, smell, touch, sounds
From the moment you enter,
our specially curated materials aim to fill
your every sense with tranquility and joy

  • Touch 【Hydrogen water Bath tub with Japanese style "Sigaraki Ceramic"】

    Every guest room is equipped with a custom-made bathtub of Shigaraki (*) ceramic ware with hydrogen water which are designed to
    warm the body and to bring relaxation to the core out of travel weariness from inside. (*) Shigaraki is one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns.

  • Touch 【bedding】

    We guarantee utmost comfort with comfortable mattresses made by Serta, premium brand. Every room is also equipped with premium 100% cotton sheets,
    pillow cases and “Japanese cozy futon” mattresses produced by luxury bedding company Kyoto Nishikawa.

    Our Gauze Pajama “Kyowazarashimensya” using “made in Japan” 100% premium cotton materials, is created by traditional bedding company,
    “Daito Shingu Kogyo. LTD” which was founded in 1925 with their strong pursuits to deliver relaxation and good sleep.

    Selected “Imabari Towels” in guest roomprovide the guests with quality for users’ peace of mind which are produced by premium “Imabarai”
    maker primarily made for JUNEI HOTEL with a hope that guest feel the heartfelt hospitality and excellence of softness and graciousness enriching bath time.

  • Smell 【aroma oils】

    From the moment guests arrive, guests sense a soft and subtle fragrant aroma, el
    evating the traveling scenes with the refreshing scent.

  • Sight【interior decoration】

    All rooms feature interior design suffused with Kyoto's aesthetic beauty.
    Fabrics in the guest room is applied with traditional fabrics arts in Kyoto,
    “kawashima orimono” which enhances aesthetic elegance tempting guest to forgo exploration in favor of relaxed seclusion.

    Every guest room is also equipped with Kyoto traditional display, paper furnishings known as ”karakami”
    created by famous artist using woodblock print patterns and variety of Japanese traditional papers and colors.
    The gorgeous beauty fascinates any guests who stay at THE JUNEI HOTEL.

  • Sound 【healing background music】

    Healing The natural sound of the BGM writer and the sound of the piano
    The original BGM which was moderately mixed wraps the whole building.
    When you open the door of the room, it flows slightly from the finest speaker
    Chirping of the little birds, babbling of the clear stream will soon invite you to a comfortable peace.
    Also, music you have on your smartphone can be BGM in the room.
    I can enjoy the party with my favorite music.

  • Taste「Kyoto Banquet Dining」

    Kyoto is home offering imaginative takes on Japanese cuisine that harks back to the city's history as a cultural capital.
    “Shidashi” is the refined traditional hospitality of catered meals service you can experience only in Kyoto.
    Discover various forms of Shidashi-Ryori at THE JUNEI HOTEL right in guest room.

    We also offer premium quality tea directly delivered from Wazuka-cho, which is located at the southern edge of Kyoto prefecture,
    famous as the hometown of Uji Tea. The very rare tea field is the round tea plantations,
    which is unbelievably beautiful where you can feel natural beauty in Kyoto.

    Guest can also enjoy Japanese sweets from “Kameyakiyonaga”, long-established confectionary craftsmen.
    Taste special Japanese sparking sake from “Tanzan Shuzo” located northern part of Arashiyama is also available as optional service.

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