THE JUNEI HOTEL Kyoto Imperial Gardens West offers optional plans in cooperation with local partners as well as national and municipal facilities. “Breakfast Inclusive Plan” enables you to enjoy in your room a breakfast menu prepared by a long-established caterer. Also available are hands-on participatory plans such as “Kimono Dressing Plan” coupled with a one-day kimono rental service, which makes it fun to take a stroll in Kyoto.


Kyoto and THE JUNEI HOTEL for you only
  Chart Made to Order Plan

Only you, Only one, Only JUNEI.
 "THE JUNEI HOTEL Kyoto Imperial West" provides guest rooms and services centered around the materials that made use of traditional Kyoto techniques based on the concept of "comfortable feeling with five senses".

In the all-room rental plan, it is possible to make a fully private stay while leaving the hotel's hospitality by making full use of the size feeling of "THE JUNEI HOTEL KYOTO GOSO Nishi" of 8 rooms.

As it is possible to accommodate up to 39 people, it is ideal for adult group stays such as relatives gathering, alumni association, business trips and family traveling abroad.

How to book

For your stay, accommodation personnel will receive consultation from one year ago. In case of charter, we must stop hotel reservation reception, so please consult us as soon as possible.


  • · Please consult your date of use.
  • · Please tell us the number of people you use.
  • · Please let us know your Experiences and various requests during your stay.
  • · Reserved rate: From 324000 yen (tax included).
      It depends on the number of people and schedule. (Negotiable)

Reservations are accepted by phone.

TEL: 075-415-7774

Reservations are accepted by phone.
TEL : 075-415-7774


Experience Kyoto's 'Ochaya-asobi'
Maiko san

There are six flower streets in Kyoto, the top seven restaurants, the Gion Ko Department, Gion East, Shimabara, Pontocho, Miyagawa Town,
These are collectively called Rokkaichi in Kyoto.
In THE JUNEI HOTEL, we asked our hotel to send Maiko-san, appreciate dancing,
Taking photos together.

How to book

How to book
Please inform us of the date of the maiko dispatch within the schedule of your stay by telephone.
We will transfer money in advance. Or the hotel payment on the day is also possible

* Cancellation after confirmation as rule can not be done.
Even if you cancel your stay, we can not refund you for any reason if your application has been confirmed.
Even in the case of hotel payment we will charge you at a later date.


18: 00 Maiko will depart

18: 30 Maiko will arrive at the hotel

           Dancing 20

Break 10 minutes

           Panel Discussion 20 minutes

           Question time 10 minutes

           Commemorative photo taken 20 minutes

20: 30 Maiko will return

The number of people is 1 to 3 people.

  • · It will be used for 2 hours 30 minutes including the round trip time between each flower street and HOTEL
  • · Mobility expense is separately required for actual expenses.
  • · Please contact us for time extension or over 3 people.
  • · From 15 o'clock to 18 o'clock, it is "THE JUNEI HOTEL SPECIAL PRICE (including Tomoyo included)" below.
    ※ After 18 o'clock, it will be different by car (Negotiable).

  • Special price from 15 o'clock to 18 o'clock

    (Please tell JUNEIHOTEL to stay at the time of reservation)
  • One person 55,000 yen (tax included) (tax included)
  • 2 people 100,000 yen(tax included)
  • 3 people 130,000 yen(tax included)
  • Price after 18 o'clock
  • 1 person 59,400 yen(tax included)
  • 2 people 180,000 yen(tax included)
  • 3 people 250,000 yen(tax included)

Reservations are accepted by phone.
TEL : 075-415-7774

Reservations are accepted by phone.
TEL : 075-415-7774



100% Silk Kimono Wearing Plan~Only you, Only one, Only JUNEI~

Wearing stunning 100% silk Kimono is a perfect addition to explore Kyoto. Through collaboration with rental Kimono company, Kyobana (京華), we are offering exceptional and memorable experience guest will never forget. We are pleased to offer special plan at THE JUNEI HOTEL for the guest staying with us. (Special Price at THE JUNEI HOTEL): Y5500

TEL. 090-3895-2200


Japanese Tea

Please try sitting on tatami mats and making Matcha in the tea room, Muryo-an.

Fee for one person : \2,500 (tax included \2,700) Matcha with Kyoto sweets


Our staff will show you how to enjoy the tea ceremony.
Tukubai (Hand wash basin)

 (Crawling into the tea room through the small entrance)
Tokonoma (Watching the alcove)
Matcha (Making and drinking Matcha with sweets)
Taiseki (Leaving the tea room)


Throw your heart into your handmade Washi paper and send those feelings on to someone you love with this traditional
Japanese culture workshop!

Artisans will guide you through the world of Japanese paper, “Washi.” Three kinds of distinctive plants materials, kozo, mitsumata, and ganpi, bring this traditional craft to life with their supple textures, so no other media of its kind can top Washi’s charm. You can give others your handmade Washi as a souvenir, or keep it as your own memento.

Workshop agenda:

1. The staff will give a brief overview of the class
2. The staff will explain the paper-making process while giving a demonstration
3. You will make your own paper
4. You will add dye to the paper you made
5. You will need to wait while the paper dries after the dyeing process, and then you will get to take it home.
Time required: Each workshop takes 1 hour
Time frames: 10:00~11:00am




20 minutes have passed from the starting time and you have not contacted us, no-shows will result in an automatic cancelation.

How to make a reservation

When making a reservation, please tell us your preferred time.
Some workshops may be full. In those cases, the hotel will contact you to let you know. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

【Please note】

  • ・The machines undergo maintenance every Monday, so the shop is closed. Workshops are conducted Tuesday through Sunday.
  • ・No workshops will be conducted on the shop’s summer vacation days and New Year holiday period
  • ・In case of additional machine maintenance, workshops may be suspended without notice.
  • ・During the dyeing process, clothes may sometimes get stained. Please use caution.
  • ・In case of adverse weather or natural disaster, workshops may be suspended without notice.


Unforgettable Anniversary Plan with Someone Special Room to cake Delivery


For those of you who spend the anniversary at JUNEI HOTEL, we will deliver to your room from a home-made cake shop.

Please choose your favorite cake from the order page. here page.
"Order acceptance email" will be sent to the email address you entered when ordering
The cake will be delivered to your room on the date and time specified when ordering


  • ・All linked products are affiliated with the hotel and will be delivered to your room.
  • ・Please be aware of the delivery date until the delivery date.


Experience to the guests in a private guest room through collaboration with qualified master of tea ceremony.

We provide Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience to the guests in a private guest room through collaboration with qualified master of tea ceremony. Have an unforgettable and calm moment through experiencing traditional Tea Ceremony and various Japanese culture, which is the origin of Japanese Hospitality.  


3,900 Yen per person

How to make a reservation

・reservation Guest can experience traditional tea ceremony in guest room from 8am to 18pm. Please contact front desk for making a reservation.
・Price 3,900 Yen per person. There is 100% cancellation charge on that day, 50% One day before.




THE JUNEI HOTELは環境保護の観点より、連泊されるお客様に「ジュネイ・エコアクション」へのご協力をお願いしております。節水、CO2削減という「私たちにできるエコ」への具体的な取り組みです。「ジュネイ・エコアクション」とはタオル・パジャマの交換とゴミの回収以外の掃除を行いません。お客様から「ジュネイ・エコアクション」の意思表示がされたときに行い、感謝の気持ちを込めて、京都宇治和束町から直送された特選ほうじ茶(200g)をご進呈させていただきます。

  • タオル・浴衣交換

  • ゴミ箱・灰皿清掃

  • 部屋掃除

  • ベッドメイク

  • ベッドリネン交換


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